How to Create A Light and Airy Vibe

A home that creates a light and airy style seems to be at the top of the list when it comes to design right now. If it really is a trend, then we’re on board because it can easily become a classic look that will last for years to come. But, how do you truly create that bright yet soft vibe? Read on!

  1. Bright and airy doesn’t necessarily mean all white, but it definitely utilizes more neutral tones overall. We used the Dunn Edwards paint color Whisper to really “lift” this room. However, notice we left some of the natural character intact—the wooden beams and brick fireplace. The room is still very soft but has a few details that are allowed to “pop” despite their heavier tones. You can be generous with the white paint, but also keep in my mind the room needs some balance.


2. This little nook is light and totally comfy! The white shiplap adds brightness and texture, while the gold sconces throw in a little glimmer. Bright and airy doesn’t mean you have to stay away from patterns altogether either—just keep them on the smaller side so things don’t feel heavy.


3. The great thing about going “light and airy” is you can use it with more than one style. You can easily go coastal or you can do something more modern. In this bedroom, there’s a little bit of both. The squared off edges of the furniture bring in that modern feel but by keeping the duvet, artwork, and lighting either white or neutral, it makes the whole look bright. There’s some intentional color in this design as well which makes the room complete.

gasp-16 (1).jpg

4. In order to achieve the right vibe, it’s really helpful if you have a home with a good amount of light coming in. While paint and decor can go a long way, consider installing french doors to bring in floor to ceiling sun. We also love using rattan as a texture because it’s a lighter neutral that can be used in furniture and accessories. In fact, while there may not be a ton of color used in a light and airy design, natural textures found in wood, rattan, and pottery can keep the room from feeling bland.


5. Finally, when it comes to almost all of these rooms, you’ll notice that the window treatments are either a natural woven shade or a lighter linen fabric. Curtains can certainly make a room more inviting and finished, but stay away from dense fabrics and choose something with a more breezy feel.

We hope these tips will help you to achieve that light and airy vibe! Of course, if you need some assistance, we’re always here to help! Thanks for reading!