Vacation Round Up

It’s that time of year where almost everyone is thinkin’ vacation—warm weather is coming and putting your feet up for a week sounds pretty good. So, in the spirit of getting away, we thought we’d share some of the vacation homes we’ve designed over the years!

For those wondering, the design process for a vacation home is often just like that of a full-time residence. Generally, but not always, we take a trip to the home we’re about to design. Measurements are taken and we begin capturing a vision for the aesthetic. Once we’re back in the office, that’s where most of the magic happens. There’s really only two differences when it comes to creating a vacation home—the first being that we have to ship our pieces to the location of the house. And the second is we’re always thinking durability. Many people rent out these homes and we want fabrics to hold up and the layout to be practical, that way it can last for years to come. As you check out the amazing homes below, we hope this serves as a place of inspiration for just how beautiful a second home can be.

Old California Catalina

First up is this charming Catalina condo. As you can see, the views are really the star of the show. However, we wanted the inside to have an old California flair, so we kept it a little rustic and added in rich colors and fabrics.


Kauai Haven

Next is my own Kauai Haven! I wanted this condo to feel airy and coastal, so I played with patterns and tones of blue. Honestly, even though it’s a vacation space, I love how it really feels like a piece of home. You can actually book a stay at either of our Kauai condos HERE.


Cozy Lake House

Taking a step away from the beach, let’s head up to the mountains and take a peek inside this grand house situated on Lake Tahoe. This home already had a lot of natural texture, so we went with a traditional style and added punches of rich color to keep it cozy. It really is the ultimate mountain lodge!


Rustic Beach House

Big windows are a must for the California coast, and this next vacation space doesn’t disappoint! With grand ocean views, this home has the full San Diego package. We used a more traditional style with a touch of coastal to keep the place feeling beachy—which we love. Then, using rustic wood and natural texture, we finished the design with a more homey vibe. The outcome is this lovely rustic beach house!


Grand Hawaiian Getaway

For the finale, we have a beautiful Hawaiian home where we pulled out all the stops. With plenty of outdoor furniture for meals on the patio, it’s truly a place to gather and relax with family and friends. Inside, coral and sea glass blue are the main pops of color throughout the home, while coastal accessories add to the tropical vibe. From views to spa-like bedrooms, this design has it all.


We hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse inside these beautiful vacation spaces! Thanks for reading!