Clients Turned Friends!

Interior design means partnering with homeowners to make their dream spaces a reality. But each home is personal and unique, and so are the clients that come with it. Often times, we find ourselves not only getting to know clients and their vision, but we also become great friends in the process. It’s definitely a perk of the trade! On today’s blog, we wanted to share a few special snippets of our time with clients turned friends. If anything, it’s a way to commemorate one of our favorite parts of being an interior designer. Take a look!

Friends From the Ground Up

Whenever we start with clients and work from the ground up, it means walking them through both the design of their home and also the building process. This home, which we dubbed “Mid-Century Modern With A View,” was a three-and-a-half-year project.  We had our hands on every little detail—from meetings with the architect, designing all of the spaces, and countless job walks with the contractor. Over that period, we became close friends with our clients, Chuck and Gale. Now, with the whole project finished, we were thrilled to attend their house-warming party where great food, great friends, and great design were all a part. It was the final kick-off and, truth be told, a little bittersweet to see such a fun project with amazing friends come to an end. We couldn’t be happier for these two and hope this house truly feels like home for years and years to come. Thanks, Chuck and Gale, for allowing us to be a part!


You can check out the whole “Mid-Century Modern With A View” project Here!

An Encouraging Friend

Over the years, Julie has designed a few different spaces for our client, Sam. Recently, she was invited to a little get together for friends who have encouraged Sam over the years—especially when it came to writing her new book! Julie not only urged her to tell her story, but she also designed the office where it was written. We love that Julie was able to not only give Sam a beautiful place to write, but also supported her dream! We only have a quick iPhone shot of the two, but it’s clear these two are pals!


By sharing these two events, we remember that our work means more than just beautiful design. It entails creating friendships built on trust and support as we make houses into homes for clients who are truly friends. Thanks for reading!