A Little Inspiration!

Inspiration is the beginning component of creating any design. You need a focal point—something to keep your design on track and bring all the pieces together. Inspiration works as the influence and vision for your project—but, first, you have to find where that inspiration is going to come from. As lead designers at Kathy Ann Abell Interiors, each of us have our own way of finding inspiration for a project. We’re all different in our approach, but we all end up with a completed design that we love! We thought we’d share just how we find the vision for some of our projects. Check it out!


Fabric First!

I always like to start with fabrics. When I was a new designer, I began with model homes and pulling fabrics was the way I learned to create a cohesive look. It’s stuck with me all these years, and it’s still the way I find inspiration best! I generally start with my main fabric—which is the focal point of the design—then I bounce everything off that. For example, in this master bedroom, I started with a floral print from Schumacher and used it to choose art that would compliment those colors. I pulled the dusty blue hue to create the headboard and the rich blue accents in the lamps and pillows are from that fabric as well. Because the main fabric was comprised of cooler colors, I chose a warm sand accent for the walls and small details.



Something Special

For me, inspiration comes when I find a unique piece or accessory. Whenever I find that special something, the puzzle just begins to fall into place! In this project, I designed both the living room and dining room, so each room had it’s own vision born from different pieces. In the living space, the mid-century accent cabinet and modern lamps were the two pieces that sparked the creation of the rest of the room. The pops of yellow in the art and accent fabrics are cohesive with the lamps, while the wood hues compliment the cabinet.


In the dining room, the true inspiration came from the art and the lighting piece. These components definitely play well with the hues in the living room, but it still has a unique feel. The texture of the art acted as the muse for the host and hostess chair fabric while the chandelier kept a taste of mid-century modern in the room.



A Piece that Pops

I tend to choose my fabrics toward the end of my design-phase and look for inspiration in accessories or furniture. In this metropolitan row home, the lamps and lighting pieces gave me the vision for the space. I loved the blue and white that popped from the lamps behind the couch and used those pigments in my fabrics to make it cohesive. The floor lamp behind the accent chair also gave me the main hue of wood that flows throughout the room. Both types of lamps are contemporary which kept the space modern and sleek.



Fitting the Room

As a design assistant, it falls to me to really think through accessories and style. In this incredible pool house that Kathy designed, I pulled inspiration from the built-in shelves and unique cabinetry. It was more about looking at the build of the space and letting that be the thing that guided how details should fit. Each space needed to be balanced and that meant being extremely detailed about every piece I chose. Some of the accessories needed to be gold to tie in the hardware from the room, while other details were white or blue for color contrast. Texture is important too, so choosing woven features brought in a natural finish.


It’s fun to work with a group of people who all work a little differently. Each of us is inspired in unique ways but, somehow, we all end up with a finished result that we’re proud to show our clients. We hope this post inspired you just a little bit too. Thanks for reading!