Incorporating Color into Your Home

Color breathes life into a space! Colors are also personal—we all have our favorites and we all have hues that bother us. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right colors when creating a home. Different spectrums of color can also create a feeling in a room—some are relaxing and tranquil while others are energizing! Of course, we know choosing from a rainbow of hues can also feel daunting, and I’m sure we’ve all seen color gone wrong whether it be in a room, an outfit, or a hair change (yikes!). Fortunately, we have great inspiration for color done right! Check it out!

Eclectic Rustic

This first project is for true color-lovers! Orange, yellow, turquoise, and green all play a part in the palette giving it a cheerful but cohesive design. So, how did we achieve the use of many colors with plenty of balance? First, notice if the art and accessories were stripped away, the room is actually very neutral. The bigger pieces of furniture are gray or a natural wood which creates a blank canvas. As we added in fabrics, we ensured that each of them have something in common—a color, like the burnt orange, or even a shape, like the paisley. The accessories and art continued this connection of color and gives the room a unified style.

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Metropolitan RowHome

Paint is another fun way to pack a punch of color. Since it’s easily changed, paint is also a safe way to try something new. This rowhome is a great example of how to use paint to add in some color. The fireplace is already a more prominent feature via the architecture, but we made it pop even more by painting it Naval by Sherwin Williams. It acts as a centerpiece for the room and ties together the rest of the navy fabrics and accessories. Statement walls and kitchen islands are also great places to play with some paint!

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Modern Hawaiian

If you like clean lines and neutrals, then this home showcases how to incorporate color without going overboard. With white furniture, white walls, and natural wood as the background, the pops of green stand out through the use of art, fabric, and accessories. For this project, it was important that the highlighted color be something found in nature because the design really plays up natural textures and outdoor art. Green, while it can be vibrant, brings a sense of tranquility and reminds us of relaxing on cool green grass or under lush trees. This is a good example of using color that catches the eye but still feels organic.

You can check out more of this project HERE!


Whether you’re already a color-lover or you’re still trying to figure out how to incorporate it into your space, we hope this encourages you to feel free to add a little color to your home and try something new! Thanks for reading!