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The Sofa Blog: Top Tips for Choosing the Right Sofa

If your sofa is looking a little sad or you’re in the market for a new couch, then this is the blog for you! In design, a sofa that looks great is always the goal, but it also has to check the boxes of comfortability, support, as well as be comprised of high-quality materials. After all, a sofa is likely to be the biggest investment you make in your living room or family room, so choosing a piece of furniture that will last for decades is ideal. If you need a little sofa guidance, look no further—here are our top tips for choosing a sofa that will last!



Dimensions are crucial for comfort and support. Low couches offer little back support, so we suggest 36 to 38 inches high. Depth is similar—too short and you’re sliding off the edge. Look for a depth of at least 36 inches, and if you want a sofa with extra comfort, then 42 inches is ideal and an excellent size for family rooms!



Comfort is key to a well-loved sofa. Start by choosing loose backed cushions rather than a fixed back. Unless your sofa is in a more formal setting and won’t be used much, loose backed cushions are going to provide more comfort. As far as the interior goes, we like something that has a foam and spring core wrapped in down. It’s comfortable, offers excellent support, and still has that loftiness. For exterior durability and great design, we love a couch that’s covered in a linen blend fabric.



The way a sofa is made determines the quality. When choosing a couch to last for years to come, look for Benchmade and 8-way hand-tied. Benchmade means it’s going to be custom pieces made to order—the term comes being created on a carpenters bench rather than factory-made. 8-way hand-tied refers to the spring foundation of the couch. While every sofa has springs, this means the way they’re tied together is done in every direction possible, making it comfortable and highly durable. Because it’s a labor-intensive way to create a couch, it does kick up the cost, but it also means you won’t need to repurchase a sofa for decades.


Finally, once you find the right sofa for your space, remember to rotate those cushions! Doing so will extend the life of your couch. We hope this gives you a great starting point for choosing the right sofa. Thanks for reading!

Tropical Transitional

These next clients have been a part of our design family for a while—since we designed their vacation home around 10 years ago! We were thrilled when they asked us to come refresh their full-time residence, requesting that we make it more intentional and functional with a tropical transitional flair.

Because they hold a weekly Bible study at their home, the front living space needed to be an area that was easy to gather and have conversation. With a patterned ottoman as the center piece, we added bright chairs and fresh, nature driven art to create a lush yet relaxing vibe. Warm tones balanced with pops of green make the space colorful without being overwhelming.


Design Challenge:

Because the living room and family room are both so visible from each other, a challenge we ran into was making both rooms feel cohesive. They needed to be separate spaces with different purposes but also compliment each other. To accomplish this, we used patterns that played well together in both rooms and kept the art color within the same tone. Though both rooms have bold chairs, they don’t compete which makes each space feel like it’s own.


Our client wanted to be in her kitchen while also conversing with guests in the living room—so we added these lovely green swivel chairs to make sure people could remain comfortable no matter which way they needed to face. Also, a great little detail is the lazy susan in the middle of the coffee table—perfect for snacks or hors d'oeuvres when entertaining.


It was clear to us from the beginning that our clients are warm, kind people who are generous with both their time and space, and they wanted their house to reflect a welcoming attitude to family and friends. Their home is a great example of how design can truly maximize any space while making it beautiful in the process. The end result is a place where guests can feel at home too! Thanks for reading!


A Bright and Airy Update

Older homes often come with plenty of potential, and if you’re willing to put in the work, that potential can turn into a home with tons of charm! That was the case with this historic coastal home. After designing the master bedroom and family room (which you can see HERE), the living and dining space was up next. Beginning as a fully wood paneled room, it felt outdated and dark. We believe preserving history in an older home is important, but we find that it has to suit a client’s lifestyle in order to be enjoyed. This room had great features like the wood beams, fireplace, and french doors, but with so much orange-stained wood, the space wasn’t inviting and all of those special features just blended in. We decided that instead of preserving the entire room, it would suit the clients and the space better to highlight the best features and bring the rest up to date. So, with lots of creamy white paint, natural colors and textures, along with fresh greenery, we brightened it up and created a space with timeless coastal charm. Check out the before and after photos below!





While we designed the rest of their house to be kid-friendly, our clients requested a more formal room where they could entertain. Of course, the layout of the space meant it was too big to be just another family room, and we really wanted it to be functional as a more formal space. So, we had the idea to make two rooms in one. On one side is a comfortable tone-on-tone sitting area, and by the fireplace is the formal dining space. To finish it off, the lighting fixture acts as a defining detail making the two spaces feel separate while remaining complimentary.


Now bright and airy, the best features of this room have come out of the woodwork (so to speak) and are now showcased in this timeless space. It’s now ready for good conversations, scrumptious meals, and new memories to be made! Thanks for reading!


 Design by: Julie Benitez

Not Your Mama's Southwest Style (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of Not your Mama’s Southwest Style! (You can check out part one HERE). As I mentioned in part one, Southwest style can get a bad rap, so if it makes you think of the 80’s—erase that idea. No peach, no turquoise, and no white wicker here. When it comes to today’s Southwest style, we want to create a natural look with pops of color and character. Here are a few tips if you’re looking to integrate this fun style into your own home. First, mind your color palette. Choose a variety of warm and cool earth tones. The desert has tans and terra-cotta, but it also has cool navy blues too, which we used in this particular design to balance out our colors.


Second, find a few statement pieces and have fun with them! We used antique wooden shutters, the clients favorite artwork, and other wooden tidbits with character to really add in that southwest flare. As with any style, always think scale, proportion, and balance. Make sure your furniture and accessories are all big enough to fill your space. Every detail should compliment the scale of your home.


Texture can also be brought in through patterns. With lots of natural fiber and neutral hues, adding in pops of colorful, patterned fabric ties in the art and creates that modernized southwest style.


We loved bringing together this southwest home and creating a fresh style for this family to enjoy. We also hope you’ll never think of southwest the same! Thanks for reading!


Tranquil Traditional

After a full remodel of their home, these clients wanted fresh decor to compliment their new space. But after trying to design it themselves, they found the look was never quite what they hoped. Color, scale, and proportion are the design ingredients that make or break a space. They can either act as culprits for a design that doesn’t fit or create a well-balanced, curated home. Once we got the call to step into this project, that’s where we began. We pulled current fabrics that would compliment the tones found in their living room rug, the only piece of decor they wanted to keep. Drawn to a more traditional style, rich woods, and neutral hues were the key to the surrounding furniture, while pops of blue tie the rug, art, and accessories together. These details combined with a balanced proportion and scale finally gave these clients a home that truly fit their vision.


While the rest of the house needed to be durable and fit for the whole family, their master bedroom needed to be a place of relaxation and rest—a getaway with something special. Keeping the colors light and the decor bright and airy, we gave them a room that acts as a retreat for just the two of them.


We love that we got to bring these clients vision to life and made their house into a true home. Thanks for reading!


Not Your Mama's Southwest Style (Part 1)

When you live in a beach town, the desert doesn’t get a lot of love. But, these next clients find that a more arid terrain has just as much beauty as the Big Blue. In fact, their whole design is based around Utah photographer, Michael Fatali’s, beautiful photos of the Southwest. Sloping red rock, cacti, and orange echoing caves fill the frames hanging on the walls of their newly remodeled home, and our job was to find a way to create a design that fit right in with those photos. 

Southwest design, like the desert, also gets a bad rap. But, this isn’t your mama’s Southwest style from the 80’s…you won’t find any peach or turquoise here. No, this design incorporates the beauty of the Southwest desert through warm and cool earth tones along with carefully curated antique details. The result is something similar to the desert: colorful, textured, and the perfect home to those who appreciate a different kind of beauty.

The Family Room


The Patio

With such a beautiful view, this house provided the perfect patio for leisurely seating and outside dining. Keeping with navy blue and terra-cotta accents, we used durable fabrics to create a space that fits in with a Southwest design but will last through every season. It’s the perfect place to put your feet up with some chips and a bowl of guacamole!


Color, natural textures, and rich accents make this Southwest design truly a fun yet modern approach to the space. And, if you love this design as much as we do, then you’ll be happy to know this is the first blog of two. Keep an eye out for Not Your Mama’s Southwest Style (Part 2) where we’ll dive a little deeper into the how-to’s of a Southwest design for the modern age. Thanks for reading!


Elegant Coastal

Whenever we receive a new project that begins with an empty house, it gives us the opportunity to really envision a design that’s fresh and new. With so much open space, this next project definitely enabled us to dream a little! These clients asked for a coastal style and, while most people might picture a beachside cottage, we envisioned an elegant resort-like home. Of course, with any house that’s made up of such large spaces, we had to keep proportion, flow, and space in mind. The final result is a grand house that still feels inviting…a true place to call home.


The bones of the house featured neutral tile flooring, large arch ways, and columns—making the home seem more tuscan or mediterranean. In order to make the coastal design feel natural, we played off that mediterranean style and went with a resort flare.


This was such a fun project, and we hope these clients enjoy their home as much as we did designing it! Thanks for reading!

Mid-Century Restored

Sometimes the houses that have something unique to offer are the ones with a bit of history behind them. So, when our client had the opportunity to restore his childhood home he took it, ready to create new memories within an updated design. While some houses allow you to fill them with the style of your choice, others dictate the feel that fits best. When it came to this mid-century home, Lead Designer, Julie Benitez, found that the architecture led the way for a contemporary design that features a touch of history.

The Living Space


We love an open concept, but it’s important to keep it balanced and functional. In this expansive room, we were able to create a dining, sitting, and living room in one open space that all flow seamlessly together. Plus, we love that each section encourages comfortable conversation.


The Guest Bedroom


The Master Bedroom


We loved giving this space new life, making it possible for our clients to create memories for years to come. It’s truly special when an old house becomes a forever home. Thanks for reading!


Ahh...Light and Airy

As newlyweds, first-time homeowners, and soon-to-be parents, this young couple was ready to create a forever home for their future family. Of course, that’s what we love to do most! When we came in, this coastal home felt closed in and dark. Aiming for light and airy, we began with Dunn Edwards paint in the color Whisper to open up the space and neutral tone-on-tone fabrics for pillows and window treatments. Then we added pops of robins-egg-blue for a bit of color and let the cedar beam ceilings stand out. The result? A home that feels open, light, and timeless–a perfect beginning to a forever home.

The Living Room


The Bedroom


As these clients enter an exciting time of life, we are only too thrilled to help them begin creating their forever home. We can’t wait to continue working with them in the future!

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