A Cultivated Office Space

When the owners of Cultivate: A Counseling Collective approached us about designing a new office space in University Heights, we couldn’t wait to get started. At their first meeting with designer Daniel Merk-Benitez, the owners shared that they wanted the space to embody their vision of becoming “a warm and inspiring path to wholeness.” Based on that goal, we knew that the space needed to feel more like a home than an office. Daniel’s hope was to create an environment where every time a client entered the lobby, they could immediately relax, breathe easy, and feel comfortable.


We’ve all experienced an office space that’s cold and uninviting, so we made sure to run far in the opposite direction. By choosing furniture pieces that created a homey feel, artwork that was whimsical, and placing plants everywhere, we designed a space that truly welcomes people in. Beyond that, the Cultivate team wanted to infuse youthful style throughout the offices, so we added touches of brass, blush, and funky pillows. To keep things fresh and airy, Daniel used his favorite shade of white, Dunn-Edwards’ Whisper, and left the open beams and ducting to make the whole space feel more casual.


The Offices





#3 and #4


When he first started designing the space, Daniel fell in love with this photograph of a quizzical giraffe. He knew he had to use it and it ended up setting the tone for the entire space. Every client sees it at the end of the long hallway, and it screams—”This is NOT your typical office space.” In fact, a few weeks after the space opened, a young child came with their father for a first appointment. Upon entering, the child exclaimed, “Dad, this isn’t a doctor’s office! It’s a home.” Based on those words, we feel we can say mission accomplished!

We’re also happy to report that a year after Cultivate opened this space, they began construction on a second location in La Mesa Village. We were honored they asked us to collaborate again, and we can’t wait to share it here soon. Keep an eye out and thanks for reading!

Design by: Daniel Merk-Benitez