A Breezy Backyard Patio

These next clients made the best of this fair-weather city by building a covered patio that has more than enough space for their whole family, which is perfect since family is everything to them! Being lovers of the outdoors, they wanted this area to be an extension of their home—a place to hang, chat, and eat together all year round. In essence, we created a second living room and dining room, just outside! And, of course, we used durable Sunbrella fabrics and slipcovers that can easily be washed and cleaned. The ideal space for games, food, and conversation, this backyard living space has it all.


Our clients also requested a table that seats ten, so we had a custom farmers table made that would fit the design and ten people. To finish the look, we added slipcovered host and hostess chairs. The result is an open dining area with a beautiful view of the surrounding valley. 

13 (1).jpg

We loved bringing this patio up to its full potential and hope this design gave you some inspiration for your own outdoor space. Thanks for reading!


Not Your Mama's Southwest Style (Part 1)

When you live in a beach town, the desert doesn’t get a lot of love. But, these next clients find that a more arid terrain has just as much beauty as the Big Blue. In fact, their whole design is based around Utah photographer, Michael Fatali’s, beautiful photos of the Southwest. Sloping red rock, cacti, and orange echoing caves fill the frames hanging on the walls of their newly remodeled home, and our job was to find a way to create a design that fit right in with those photos. 

Southwest design, like the desert, also gets a bad rap. But, this isn’t your mama’s Southwest style from the 80’s…you won’t find any peach or turquoise here. No, this design incorporates the beauty of the Southwest desert through warm and cool earth tones along with carefully curated antique details. The result is something similar to the desert: colorful, textured, and the perfect home to those who appreciate a different kind of beauty.

The Family Room


The Patio

With such a beautiful view, this house provided the perfect patio for leisurely seating and outside dining. Keeping with navy blue and terra-cotta accents, we used durable fabrics to create a space that fits in with a Southwest design but will last through every season. It’s the perfect place to put your feet up with some chips and a bowl of guacamole!


Color, natural textures, and rich accents make this Southwest design truly a fun yet modern approach to the space. And, if you love this design as much as we do, then you’ll be happy to know this is the first blog of two. Keep an eye out for Not Your Mama’s Southwest Style (Part 2) where we’ll dive a little deeper into the how-to’s of a Southwest design for the modern age. Thanks for reading!